How to Write a News Article

A news article provides information about an event, issue or other timely topic. It should be written in an objective, factual manner and free of opinion. The author must cite any sources of information. News articles can be published on a variety of media platforms, including printed newspapers and magazines, television and radio broadcasts, and online media outlets such as blogs and websites. Depending on the medium, a news article may be published regularly or intermittently, or it might only appear on certain days of the week or at particular times of the year, such as the holidays.

When writing a news article, it is important to remember that the audience for your article will have a wide range of interests and backgrounds. To ensure that your article is a good read, focus on presenting your facts in an understandable and interesting way. A snappy headline is critical to capturing your readers’ attention. Organize the details of your story using an inverted pyramid format, starting with the most important information at the top and working your way down. It is also important to source your articles with primary and secondary sources. Obtaining insights from those who have direct experience with the topic can help your article be more compelling.

The New York Daily News was a newspaper founded in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News and became one of the first tabloids in America, attracting many readers with sensational coverage of crime, scandal and violence, lurid photographs, cartoons, and other entertainment features. The paper’s success led to a rival, the more conservative New York Post, which soon became one of the most popular newspapers in the country. During its heyday in the mid-20th century, the newspaper was co-owned by businessman Mortimer Zuckerman. The New York Daily News was moved in 1995 from its longtime home at 220 East 42nd Street, which straddled the railroad tracks into Pennsylvania Station, to 450 West 33rd Street, now known as Manhattan West.

The Yale Daily News is the nation’s oldest college newspaper and serves the communities of Yale University and New Haven, Connecticut. It publishes Monday through Friday during the academic year, with several special issues each year, such as the Yale-Harvard Game Day Issue, Commencement Issue and the First Year Issue. The News is published by Yale’s Office of Student Publications and is editorially independent. Its staff is composed of students from Yale and its affiliated schools. The News is available on campus and is distributed throughout the city of New Haven. The News is also online and has an international edition, the World Daily News.

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