The Casino Business Requires a Broad Workforce

Whether it is the glamorous Las Vegas strip or illegal pai gow parlors in New York City’s Chinatown, casinos are a major business that draws millions of people each year. These visitors are not only gamblers but also customers of hotels, restaurants and bars that support the casino business. Casinos require a broad workforce to manage all of these different facets of the gambling operation. At the top of the employee hierarchy is a casino manager who oversees operations and makes final decisions. Underneath the casino manager are department managers, for example the floor manager and the table games manager. These are usually specialized in different aspects of the casino business, such as tables or slots. Frontline employees interact directly with the public, for instance dealers and pit bosses.

Casinos have to take many measures to make sure that the people who visit them don’t engage in any fraudulent activities. This can include everything from counterfeiting casino chips to cheating at games. This is why most casinos have a large security department to keep watch over the building and its patrons. Security monitors and cameras help security officers keep tabs on the building and its patrons, paper shredders keep customer records secure and a number of other items help protect the company from potential theft and fraud.


Casinos are designed to be as persuasive as possible to lure gamblers inside. They do this by creating a manufactured blissful experience for visitors. Casinos often use bright and sometimes gaudy colors on floors and walls to stimulate people and make them feel cheered up. They also often use scented oils that entice people and they have no clocks on their walls to prevent gamblers from noticing the passage of time. They also pay big money to have well known entertainers perform at their casino venues and they offer alcoholic drinks to gamblers free of charge.

Another way that casinos entice people to gamble is by providing them with a variety of games. These can include traditional gambling games like blackjack and roulette, as well as more exotic Asian games such as sic bo or fan-tan. In addition, some casinos have video poker machines which are similar to slot machines but are played with cards instead of a reel.

While the casino industry focuses on attracting and keeping gamblers, it is important to remember that it does have serious negative impacts. For example, the casino industry contributes to an increase in crime and addiction. In addition, it erodes local property values and ruins the quality of life for many people living near casinos. In order to protect the health and safety of the public, it is important that state governments carefully regulate casino businesses and set limits on how much a casino can influence the community. Aside from regulation, it is imperative that government officials take steps to ensure that casinos are not operated by organized crime syndicates and other unsavory types of organizations.

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